Why Design

  • Studies show that visual designing boosts customer engagement by around 75% and conversion rate by approximately 45%.
  • Visual content requirement is growing constantly due to increased smartphones use and overall digital proliferation.
  • Helps communicate across varied set of audiences, often overcoming the language and age barrier as well.
  • Its a flashy, compact, and quick mode of providing effective visibility.
  • Being a creative content form, it increases the scope for disruptive communication.

Graphics, video, animation. go visible full span.

Design Formats

  • Graphics
  • Video Production
  • Animation Creation 

Advantage Team TSS

  • Visually impacting and diverse design, media, and platform formats expertise to develop a functionally appealing digital page, document, and/or video
  • Enhancing business' communication capability with testimonials, explainer, and educational content, such as pre-roll ads, brand awareness videos, and product demos
  • Cohesive and response triggering designs back the stories/narratives as motion graphics, animation, modelling & VFX, infographics, digital caricature & mascot designing, environment illustration, whiteboard animation, and photo explainers
  • Bundled with the full spectrum Content Strategy package
  • Also available as an independent service

Content Designing 


​It is the art of visually designing a platform (web, digital, print) interface to inform and influence the desired response from the targeted audience (customers, investors, vendors, employees, and media).